How Do I Make My Computer Faster?

"How can I make my computer faster?" That is a question anyone´s probably asked themselves at least once in their computing life. After all, the slowing down of your PC is expected the moment it begins to age.

There are however, things you can do to slow down the "slowing down" process. Following are simply practices that can help you stop asking yourself, "How can I make my PC faster?"
  • How can I make my computer faster by freeing up my disk space? Once your files begin to build up on your disk, your processor begins to have a hard time accessing all those files and applications. Freeing up your disk space of temporary internet files and emptying your recycle bin is a good way to speed up your PC. You should also consider uninstalling any applications that you no longer use

  • How can I make my computer faster by disk defragmenter? When you save a file, you computer saves your file in a fragmented fashion such that when you reopen your file, your PC will have to search your entire hard drive to piece back your file to one. This process takes considerable time and slows down your computer´s function. Running disk defragmenter regularly will prevent the build up of too many fragmented files that can slow down your system.

  • How can I make my PC faster by repairing disk errors? Disk errors do not only slow down your PC´s performance but can also make it difficult for your system to write data onto your disk. Windows check disk capability can scan, detect, and even fix bad sectors. It is advisable that you run this feature weekly especially if your computer is greatly utilized.

  • How can I make my computer faster by increasing Random Access Memory (RAM)? Whenever you load a file or any application, your system pulls it out of the hard drive then transfers it into your RAM. Naturally, having a bigger RAM will make it easier for your system to work especially if you´re using several programs simultaneously.

  • How can I make my computer faster by regularly cleaning my registry? Having too much clutter in your registry doesn´t only result in system errors but significant slowing down of your computer. A regular cleaning of your registry by a reliable registry cleaner is a good way to keep your PC from slowing down.

What Else Should I Consider Before I Make My PC Faster?

Disk Backup. Before you start going around cleaning and repairing your system, make sure that you have a backup of your most important files. You should also use your Windows backup or restore wizard so you can revert back to your old system files should anything go wrong.

Can I make my computer faster even if it´s old? Slowing down of your computer is inevitable but keeping it in top condition will help make even the oldest computer work better.

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