What is runonce.exe.exe?

Process Name: runonce.exe or runonce
Process Owner: Microsoft Corp.

The runonce.exe process refers to the Microsoft Run Once wrapper. This process is used by installation programs for various third-party applications. runonce.exe allows installation programs to restart after booting, giving users the chance to create further configurations. It should not be disabled or removed from a system to ensure that all programs are installed properly.

Various essential PC applications need runonce.exe to be able to run correctly. Without runonce.exe, there is a huge possibility that some installations will not work as they should. Termination and removal of this process would not be in a system's best interests. Many strongly advise doing frequent free PC performance scans for automatic CPU, Internet settings and memory optimization. Experiencing runonce.exe related errors?
Run a WINDOWS REGISTRY SCAN NOW to find out what´s wrong.

Malicious Software Indicator:
Spyware?: No
Virus?: No
Trojan?: No

Why your PC may be at risk with runonce.exe:
Is It a System Process?: Yes
Does It Use the Network?: No
Is It Hardware Related?: No
Does It Eat Up Valuable PC Memory?:N/A

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