What is syshost?

Process Name: Trojan.W32.FRANLOAD
Process Owner: Unknown

syshost.exe is a process that belongs to an unknown owner and it is registered under the name Trojan.W32.FRANLOAD. When your computer has been penetrated by syshost.exe it allows illegal invasions from attackers such as hackers and lets them steal your personal and private information. syshost.exe can be located in your C drive’s subfolder: C:\\windows\system32\. It has no file info and can connect to LAN or internet using your computer’s ports. It starts up upon Windows start-up, can monitor other applications, record inputs and can hide itself. syshost.exe puts your computer system at risk so it is important to eliminate this process from your computer ASAP.

When dealing with syshost.exe processes/errors you need to follow three important steps: [1] disable and get rid of the program right away, [2] run a registry scan to identify the process and other related errors and [3] run a performance scan to allow you to optimize your computer’s memory, internet settings and CPU. Experiencing syshost related errors?
Run a WINDOWS REGISTRY SCAN NOW to find out what´s wrong.

Malicious Software Indicator:
Spyware?: No
Virus?: Yes
Trojan?: Yes

Why your PC may be at risk with syshost:
Is It a System Process?: No
Does It Use the Network?: Yes
Is It Hardware Related?: No
Does It Eat Up Valuable PC Memory?: N/A

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