What is Weatherbug?

Process Name: Weatherbug
Process Owner: Unknoun

Weatherbug is falls under the label of automated spyware installation attempts. Some people refer to it as a drive-by spyware program. Once Weatherbug is installed, it can display numerous adverts that it downloaded from a remote server. This spyware is also capable of distributing whatever information it gathers from the infected computer system to third parties.

Weatherbug is teeming with security risks, which is why people should get rid of it immediately. One way to do this is to terminate and remove the spyware from the system. Another method would be to use a filter application that can put Weatherbug out of commission simply by jamming its communication lines. Weatherbug is known to fail installing on protected systems. People will be wise to beef up their current PC security setup. Experiencing Weatherbug related errors?
Run a WINDOWS REGISTRY SCAN NOW to find out what´s wrong.

Malicious Software Indicator:
Spyware?: Yes
Virus?: No
Trojan?: No

Why your PC may be at risk with Weatherbug:
Is It a System Process?: No
Does It Use the Network?: Yes
Is It Hardware Related?: No
Does It Eat Up Valuable PC Memory?: N/A

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